Hail, NO!

Drama on the Farm

This blog would fit under the “drama” category.  Last Thursday we experienced the first hail to hit our farm in many, many years.  They say that farmers are the greatest gamblers.  That’s because we are at the mercy of the weather.

Hail Cannon Lore

Our neighbors try to use science to control the weather.  They have erected 2o-foot tall funnel-like structures called hail cannons that send a sonic boom upward into the sky.  The theory is that the sound waves will disrupt the circulation of the rising air and, thus, keep the hail from forming.  One of the areas hardest hit by hail was adjacent to one of these cannons.  I guess the science is still in the infant stages.

Now What?

You may be wondering what we do after such an act of nature.  First we shed a few tears, then we play cards.  There’s nothing we can do to change things, so worrying is not helpful.  Today, Mike went out to check on the damage.  Our early nectarines took a hit with scars visible on the small fruit.  We already thinned some fields, so we’ll wait until later to decide whether or not to thin further.  In the fields not yet thinned, we will slow down and look first for size, then for damage.

What About the Peaches?

Thankfully our peaches are much smaller and don’t scar as easily.  Thinning will continue as usual for them.  The fuzz protects their skin somewhat.  And that’s the buzz for today.

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One thought on “Hail, NO!

  1. I like what you say about crying a little and then playing cards. That’s a great way to handle such an act of nature! Best wishes!

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