Sunrise ~ Sunset

Morning Glory

This is the sight that greeted us the other morning.  Wow!  The purple Sierra Nevada Mountains were outlined in the distance.  The clouds were painted with bright orange and yellow hues.  The morning air was fresh and cool compared to the 100 plus heat the previous day.  Bird song accompanied the heavenly show.

Oh, beautiful for spacious skies …

Perhaps this morning was like the one that inspired Katharine Lee Bates to pen the words to the first verse of the beloved song, America the Beautiful, in 1883.  Her words were combined with the music of Samuel A. Ward and first published in 1910.  At times, America the Beautiful has been proposed as an alternative national anthem to The Star Spangled Banner because of its more melodic score that makes it easier to sing.

Red at Night ~ Naylor’s Delight

This was the sunset on that same day.  There was a gentle breeze rustling the palm branches.  The birds were twittering their evening songs.  The sun slowly disappeared over the horizon.  A follower on our Naylor’s Organic Family Farm Stay Facebook page contributed the caption to this photo.  I couldn’t think of an evening song to go with it, though. Can you?

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3 thoughts on “Sunrise ~ Sunset

  1. Beautiful 🙂

  2. Very inspirational – thanks for sharing!

    • I’m glad you found inspiration in this post. Of course, photos usually don’t do nature justice, but I thought these were worth sharing.

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