A Rare Vacation

Mike Behind the Wheel

Mike Behind the Wheel

We recently had the chance to take a vacation. We went to Texas to visit our oldest son who lives in the Dallas area. Extended vacations are a rare occasion for us since we are so busy on the farm. Our last vacation of more than a few days was in August 2009 when we were in Montana for our Wedding Anniversary. We love to drive rather than fly. We take turns behind the wheel so that each of us has a chance to enjoy the scenery.

Citron Green and Red Tower

Citron Green and Red Tower

Our son was able to get us free tickets to the Dallas Arboretum that was featuring an exhibit by Dale Chihuly, the world-renowned artist. His glass creations are spectacular! Thankfully it was a beautiful, sunny day when we visited.

Waterfall Art

Waterfall Art

You can find more about Chihuly here.

The artwork was displayed throughout the 80 acre Arboretum.

   The waterfalls were awesome with the water as a backdrop for the blown glass.

My favorite part of the exhibit was the Blue Marlins and Turquoise Reeds. So beautiful with the sunlight filtering through the trees and making the colors dance.

Blue Marlins

Blue Marlins

    Traveling provides a wonderful opportunity to see new places and have new experiences.  We try to make our farm stay one of those special places where memories are made.  Yet, we know, as Dorothy discovered, there’s no place like home.
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