Ever Done the Lizard Dance?

No, this is not a Native American ritual.  It is something California farmers do on occasion.  Here is the setting:

  • Must be outdoors (warm weather is usually best).
  • Must be involved in some farm chore like shoveling standpipes or stacking wood or hoeing weeds.
  • Must be wearing jeans or long pants and work boots.
Proper Attire for Lizard Dance

Proper Attire for Lizard Dance

Here are the steps:

  1. Cease chore immediately (drop shovel, wood, or hoe).
  2. Stand erect with a surprised expression on your face.
  3. Quickly bend over and grab pant leg (near the crotch).
  4. Work your hands down the leg and hold on for dear life.
  5. If possible, undo belt buckle with one hand and pull pants down.
  6. If not possible call for help from another person or hop to the house for help with step 5 from your nearest family member to escape embarrassment.
  7. Gingerly remove lizard from pants.
  8. Set said lizard free after laying it on its back and stroking its blue belly.
  9. Pull pants back on and buckle belt.
  10. Pick up shovel or hoe, etc.
  11. Return to farm chore.

This dance is only performed on rare occasion (thankfully) when conditions are just right.  Have you ever done the lizard dance or something similar?  Do share!

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2 thoughts on “Ever Done the Lizard Dance?

  1. Dolores

    I had the same thing happen to me! My cat brought a lizard in the house, the thing looked dead and I was telling my cat that I think his trophy was dead! And at that very monent that thing got up and ran right up my pant leg,……..I did a different kind of lizard dance, mine was more like fall on the ground kicking my legs and screaming…..Thats how my husband found me…on the ground kicking and screaming!!!!

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