A Walk Around the Farm

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Spring is Just Around the Corner

First Blossom

First Blossom

Happy Groundhog Day!

These are our early nectarines showing off their colors. Thankfully we have had a good cold winter so the trees can go dormant. This usually means a good set for the fruit. Just after I took these photos, Mike disked the field to prepare for frost. The ground is now a rich brown color beneath the trees.

Elbow Branch

Elbow Branch

Nature's Picture Frame

Nature’s Picture Frame

We’re Open for Business

This is a view of our farm stay from behind the house.  We are open from February to August.  Check out our website here. These young trees are for our U-pick. We have apricots, peaches, plums, and nectarines for your picking pleasure beginning in late May.

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What We’re Picking Now

It's the big one

Goldline Peach

We are near the end of our harvest season at Naylor Organics.  The final three peach varieties of the season are Zee Lady, Summer Lady, and, our signature peach, the Goldline.  Our last day of picking will be tomorrow.  Below is a list of all of the fruit that we sell commercially and approximately when they are ready to pick.  Our U-pick varieties are listed on the Pick Your Own Fruit page.

Peaches                                                                                           Month

  • Best May (yellow)                                                                   late-May to early-June
  • Spring Snow (white)                                                               late-May to early-June
  • Springcrest (yellow)                                                                early-June
  • Spring Lady (yellow)                                                               early-June
  • David Sun (yellow)                                                                  early- to mid-June
  • Sugar May (white)                                                                   mid-June
  • Sweet Scarlet (yellow)                                                             mid-June
  • Flavorcrest (yellow)                                                                 mid-June
  • Pearl White (white)                                                                  mid- to late-June
  • Vista (yellow)                                                                            mid- to late-June
  • Giant Babcock (white)                                                             early-July
  • Sierra Rich (yellow)                                                                 early- to mid-July
  • Zee Lady (yellow)                                                                     mid- to late-July
  • Summer Lady (yellow)                                                             late-July
  • Goldline  (white)                                                                       late-July to mid-August

 Nectarines                                                                                       Month

  • Zee Fire (yellow)                                                                         late-May
  • Honey May (yellow)                                                                   late-May
  • Polar Lite (white)                                                                        early-June
  • Honey Blaze (yellow)                                                                 mid-June
  • Arctic Sweet (white)                                                                   mid-June
  • Arctic Star (white)                                                                      mid-June
  • Honey Kiss (Yellow)                                                                   mid- to late-June
  • Arctic Jay (white)                                                                        early- to mid-July
  • June Glo (yellow)                                                                        mid-July
  • Honey Royale (yellow)                                                               mid- to late-July
Reach for the Gold(line)

Goldline: Big and Beautiful

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