Early Spring on the Farm 2014

Early Nectarine Blossoms

Early Nectarine Blossoms

    The weather in the United States has be very weird this winter (that’s an understatement). There has been record low temperatures and snowfall in the east and south. Here in California it has been unusually warm and dry.
January Irrigation

January Irrigation

We had to irrigate in January for the first time ever. We use electric pumps to irrigate our 65 acres of land that is in production. Usually we do not need to irrigate until April or May. Last year we had to start in February and we thought THAT was early. The electric companies are the only ones smiling right now.

    The bees are happy with the early bloom. They got busy collecting pollen as soon as the blossoms opened. They were so busy they didn’t seem to notice me taking photos of them.
Busy Bees

Busy Bees

We did get some rain the past couple days. The birds were delighted. This covey of quail visits our front yard daily. We also need a lot of snow in the mountains to replenish the water table. For now we are just happy to get rain after 50 dry days.

California Quail Covey

California Quail Covey

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